Inspired by Mother Nature, a slow-life experience for a sensorial return to purity. Get ready for a more botanical way of life, one letter at a time.

Art of living

Like all art, the art of living is a way of making things beautiful. Granted, that sounds a bit romantic, but you know what: #sorrynotsorry. The art of living is sitting at a cafe terrace with friends and living in the moment, it’s picking raspberries during a walk in nature. It’s the simple joys available to everyone.


To love beauty is to love life, to love the world and to love others. 
Being a #beautylover is not just a turn of phrase, it’s a way of life that revolves around happiness, pleasure and sharing. 

There’s an Italian proverb that goes, “The beauty of the sky is in the stars, the beauty of women is in their hair.” Well, beauty is wherever you choose to see it — and it feels good!


“A sound mind in a sound body,” as our Latin ancestors put it. And TBH, they were right: Taking care of yourself is key. Think about it —is there anything better than curling up in the cozy cocoon of a warm blanket? Simple pleasures make life beautiful, and they make you feel great! 


DIY —these three letters are virtually everywhere, and for good reason. DIY is a new life philosophy whose motto could be: Don’t buy it, make it! You will value the beautiful objects you craft even more, and treasure their uniqueness.


We all dream of escaping, every now and then. But that doesn’t mean jumping on a plane to the end of the world. You can escape by simply sitting in the quiet of your living room, listening to music, admiring a work of art, or treating yourself to a relaxation session.
Walking at random in the city is another perfect way of discovering unusual and hidden places, and escape for a while before getting back to your daily life. 


If I say “Flower Power”, there’s a good chance the first thing that comes to your mind is “Woodstock” ... Singing, dancing, partying, peace and love, right?

Well, Flower Power is a little bit like that. Call it “Girl Power” with added style, if you will — focused on you and your beauty, inside and out. 
Flower Power is the combined powers of your beauty and the generosity of Mother Nature, soothing us when life gets too crazy. 

I am Flower Power ... are you?


#Greenlife is a way of life that begins with small everyday gestures, like recycling or embracing DIY.  Learning a couple of meaningful ecological gestures is easy — and it feels good.

Living closer to nature, eating organic, living healthy. #Greenlife is about adding compassion to our lives, it’s about taking care of nature,  it’s about enhancing beauty all around you.


Harmony … when the music of life is clear and flows from the source. It is being at peace with yourself and the nature you live in. It is respecting others while taking care of yourself. 
Being in harmony is reaching a fair balance in your life, making living more beautiful. 


A flower by the side of the road …
A daisy delicately put in the middle of the table …
A rose someone hands to you in the street …
You take your smartphone out and —click— you snap a photo. And right away, you share your picture on Instagram, sending a daily dose of happiness to your friends. Hashtag #Instaplant, and voilà, you have now shared the photo with the whole world. Beauty is meant to be shared, isn’t it?


A kiss: that fabulous moment when time freezes in the tumult of our lives. Be they lovers’ kisses or kisses on the cheek, for a brief instant, everything disappears and love surrounds you. It’s a shot of instant love that makes life more beautiful. 


Being healthy means eating well, moving, and also taking care of your mind. And there’s no better way to do so than with meditation. 

Yoga, sophrology ... Either by yourself in your living room or with friends in a park, you choose how and where you meditate. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can always make time for it. Not only will this moment of meditation enable you to refocus your mind and energy on yourself, it will also allow you to resume your day with recharged batteries.


“I see trees of green, red roses too / I see them bloom, for me and you / And I think to myself: What a wonderful world ...”
Life can be as simple and beautiful as in Louis Armstrong’s song. Watching nature wake up, listening to a bird sing, even feeling raindrops on your skin — these are the simple joys we can all witness every day.

C’est la vie, and what a wonderful life it is! 


Loving life, loving nature, loving plants.

Let’s face it, deep down inside, we’re all plantophiles! We live to see them, smell them, take care of them —and it’s a two-way love. Embrace your love of plants and thrive in the well-being that plantophilia brings.


Nature surrounds us. Not just in the countryside, in the park, or in your house with a bouquet of flowers —it’s everywhere: on that picture on the wall, in that book you’re reading, in that video you’ve just watched. And Earth’s beauty begs to be shared ...

All you have to do is snap a picture whenever you see a flower, a leaf, a stream of water … you name it! Now just post it on Instagram with the hashtag #Naturegram, and share the love!

Slow life

Let’s slow down for a second!

“He who goes slowly, goes surely,” as the saying goes. But he who goes slowly also goes happily!
Such is the beauty of what the Italians call “la dolce vita”. Slowlife means living in harmony with Nature, in the perpetual quest of well-being and happiness ... Time to stop and smell the roses!


To breathe is to live. An act so mundane that we no longer pay attention to it. Yet, concentrating on breathing for just a few minutes can work wonders for your Zen attitude and self-confidence.

Everything is possible. Breathe in, and you can face that interview you’ve been dreading. Breathe out, and insomnia becomes a thing of the past ...


Streets lined with trees, winding like rivers among the buildings, and where hundreds of people are walking toward unknown destinations. Cities are anthills where we all live and breathe together, animated by the same will to achieve our very unique goals.

In this urban jungle, we all get to find the road that leads to our place in the sun.


We all have a special place in our hearts for our tribe. It can be our direct relatives, it can be friends —it can be any group of people you care for. Your tribe is made of the people that are necessary to your well-being and help you balance your life. So, who’s part of your tribe?


Well-being is in both the body and the mind. Start with a short detox cure to eliminate the toxins in your body, take a few deep breaths, and you’re already on the right track. Well-being can be improved everywhere: in the park, in your living room, even at the office.

Well-being is a state of mind, a choice, a decision —and it’s completely worth it.


Being a vegetarian is in many ways a sign of respect toward nature. It’s knowing how to make the most of what plants have to offer, it’s taking compassion to the next level. Being a veggie is singing a daily ode to life, it’s making the conscious choice to strive for a more respectful kind of life. Time to give it a try?


An invitation to the Zen Voyage:
“There'll be nothing but order and beauty, wealth, calm and pleasure,” wrote the French poet Charles Baudelaire. 

A little silence, a lot of nature, air, and flowers —close your eyes and breathe peacefully, you’re already on your way. This is your Zen attitude. Enjoy it without moderation. 


Yoga + Botanicals = Yoganicals!
Be like a sunflower, turning its head towards the first ray of sunshine —get on board with Yoganicals ... 

This new practice of relaxation, in direct touch with nature, gets its strength from the ground down, up to the sky. Ideally practiced outside, barefoot on the grass, with your head turned towards the sun. 

After the Sunflower Salutation, to awaken your entire body, continue with the Tree Position, reaching for the sky with your arms, before lying on the ground, stretching like ivy, in this brand new kind of natural yoga.