• How do we select your botanicals?
    We define, in collaboration with our partners, the main criteria regarding the selection of botanicals: composition & purity, respectful extraction process, traceability and others elements like biodegradability or sustainability of specific botanicals.
    At L’Oréal we use a special criteria called Naturalness index illustrating the balance between the origin and level of transformation during the extraction process, the highest value being the most natural. The profiles of our selected ingredients have a good balance between excellent performance and natural origin.
  • What Botanical Fresh Care actives are part of the range and why?
    We selected 4 natural origin botanicals with specific properties:
    Geranium essential oil has radiance enhancing power,
    Safflower oil, rich in lipids with nourishing properties,
    Coriander seeds oil has strengthening properties,
    Camelina oil, rich in omegas 6 & 9 has smoothing properties on unruly strands.
  • How do I choose my Botanicals Fresh Care products?
    The GERANIUM Radiance Remedy range reveals and intensifies hair glow. The star product? The caring leave-in shine vinegar for instant radiance, perfect for dull or colored hair.
    The CORIANDER Strength Source range revitalizes and fortifies the hair from root to tip. The star product? The strength potion, a reinforcing leave-in treatment that protects fragile hair from breakage.
    The SAFFLOWER Rich Infusion range deeply nourishes dry hair strands, and restores softness. The star product? The pomade that intensely softens even the driest hair with no weigh down.
    The CAMELINA Smooth Ritual range tames frizz and restores hair manageability. The star product? The disciplining cream that smoothes unruly hair for a frizz-free finish.
  • Botanicals Fresh Care & L’Oréal Paris
    Botanicals Fresh Care is a new brand of L’Oréal Paris, which benefits from 110 years of hair expertise, from the knowledge of hair needs to the best technologies to sublimate hair. Through high quality standards on ingredients and rigorous evaluation process for safety and performance, our company provides opportunities for collaborative innovation with the best partners. Being part of L’Oreal Paris also means accessibility and availability of our products all over the world.


  • Is your packaging eco-friendly?  

    We have developed 100% recycled bottles (shampoos and treatments), meaning that the PET material is entirely recycled. Moreover, in turn, these bottles are recyclable.
  • Where do the Botanicals Fresh Care ingredients come from? 

    We care about the sourcing of our ingredients and about their traceability. To ensure availability and make several producers work, we resort to multi-sourcing:

     • Our Geranium essential oil comes from Egypt or North Africa

    • The Camelina oil comes from France (Vendée), UK and Russia

    • The Coriander seed oil comes from Bulgaria and Russia

    • The Safflower oil is sourced in Europe, USA and Mexico
  • Where are Botanicals Fresh Care products manufactured? 
    Most of our products are manufactured in Europe.


  • Is Botanicals Fresh Care an organic or 100% natural brand?
    Botanicals Fresh Care is not certified organic and is not 100% natural, but all ingredients are chosen for their beneficial properties that fit specific hair needs, and the botanicals were selected according to their high quality profile and high naturalness index. Globally, Botanicals Fresh Care products have a very good biodegradability profile and have all been tested for safety and efficacy.
  • Do Botanicals Fresh Care products contain silicones?
    No, none of our formulations contain silicones.
  • Will my hair be soft & beautiful without silicone?
    Yes it will, we have developed a unique potent botanical complex made with an ultra caring blend of soy & coconut oils, renewable and obtained through green chemistry process, to be able to achieve the same care performance as a formula with silicones. This complex enables our formulas to provide a singular sensoriality: nourished, light and soft, bringing an exclusive, authentic hair signature.
  • Do Botanicals Fresh Care products contain Parabens?
    None of our products contain parabens. To ensure microbiological protection, we formulate with other combinations of protective ingredients. Stability of each formula & protection against microbiological contamination is strictly tested to ensure a pleasant and safe use of our products.
  • Do Botanicals Fresh Care formulas contain sulfates?
    Yes, in the shampoos. Sulfates are surfactants that contribute to the emulsifying, foaming effect of cosmetic products, including haircare products, helping to effectively remove dirt, impurities… on both scalp and fibers. They also contribute to sensorial signal providing generous pampering foam.
  • Are sulfates safe?
    Yes, sulfates are safe, it has been proven by toxicological experts and tested under a rigorous safety assessment, as any ingredient included in our formulas before going on the market.
  • Why did you remove colorants?
    We chose not to add colorants as we believe they are not essential to the consumer experience, being just included for an aesthetic aspect.
  • Is Botanicals Fresh Care vegan?
    Yes, as our products do not contain any ingredients from animal origin (including milk, eggs, honey or any ingredients from the hive).
  • Do you test your products on animals?
    No, L’Oréal Paris, like all L’Oréal brands, does not test its products or any of its ingredients in animals, nor does delegate this task to others. Furthermore, cosmetic testing on animals is banned in the European Union.  
  • Are Botanicals Fresh Care products biodegradable?
    Biodegradability is the capacity of a substance to be biologically broken down by the action of micro-organisms in an aqueous environment. The Botanicals Fresh Care products have a high biodegradable power and a very good environmental profile
  • How can I check the full ingredient list?
    The full ingredient list is on all back of packs.
  • Are Botanicals Fresh Care products safe?
    Yes, all the ingredients selected for Botanicals Fresh Care formulas, either from vegetal origin or synthetic, have been through the rigorous process of safety validation, as L’Oréal always does. They are of course safe and our ingredients/ formulas have been reviewed by toxicologists and tested for safety and tolerance.
  • Are they tested under dermatological control?
    Yes, all formulas are tested under dermatological control, systematically by a dermatologist.


  • How often should I wash my hair?
    The ideal frequency of hair shampooing depends on the hair type. For normal hair, washing the hair 2 to 3 times a week would be adequate. Greasy hair could need to be washed almost every day, and dry hair would need to be washed 1 to 2 times a week.
  • What is the difference between a conditioner & a mask?
    A conditioner is a delicate blend of nourishing and conditioning agents for an immediate effect on hair: easy combing, suppleness and shine.

    More concentrated, the mask is an intensive treatment that can be left on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing, to deeply nourish the hair fiber.

    Both products should be applied ideally to the mid-lengths and ends.

    Whatever the hair type, the conditioner is to be used after each shampoo with the mask used as often as needed.

  • Do my products have an expiry date? 
    No, but they do have a maximum period for use after opening being indicated at the back of the pack, with a symbol representing a jar with the number of months to use. For example, the symbol adjacent means that once opened, the product should be used within 12 months.
  • Can they be used during pregnancy?
    No scientific study has demonstrated any particular risk for pregnant women of infants related to the use of cosmetic products.