This herbaceous plant was originally grown in the French region of Vendée and harvested only once a year. The biodegradable oil that is extracted from its seeds is particularly rich in Omega 6 & 9.

We incorporated this luxurious oil in creamy textures that discipline and smooth every hair fiber and envelop you in an aromatic woody fragrance.
Even unruly hair can find its better nature.



Camelina oil (\ˌkaməˈlīnə, -lē-; kəˈmelənə\)

The natural oil extracted from camelina seeds is rich in omega 9. Our botanists insist: Its luxurious texture and mild scent also make it an ideal skin moisturiser and massage oil.

We’ll let you in on a little secret — camelina oil adds shine and provides great frizz control, for absolutely beautiful locks.

Here come the seeds

Camelina is a powerful plant in humble guise: Growing well in temperate climate zones, it’s often confused with a weed … but you know better than to judge a plant by its stem!

The seeds have an unmistakable orange colour, but before they’re harvested, they mature in seed pods.

A bit of history

Until the 1940s, camelina was an important oil crop in Eastern and Central Europe. But what you may not know is that, in 2009, the state of Montana started growing camelina to produce biofuel for the U.S. Air Force … and now commercial aviation is also considering it as a potential source of green energy.

We told you: Camelina really is the plant that keeps on giving.

In camelina we trust

As evidenced by the work of our chemists, the omega 9 in camelina oil helps prevent change, and its silkiness makes it an ideal skin moisturiser.

And because we care about plants that care about you, camelina is also excellent for your hair — as it helps discipline and smooth every hair fibre.

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