Seeds oil

One of the world’s most powerful botanicals is coriander. 100% biodegradable, renewable and rich in Omega 6, its revitalizing power has been used for centuries in traditional herbal fusions.

We infused coriander’s precious extracts in featherweight textures that reinforce brittle hair. Infuse strength into your hair with every use and let the vibrant aromatic notes awaken your senses.
Even weak hair can find its better nature.



Coriander seeds (UK /ˌkɒrɪˈændə/; US /ˈkɔːriˌændər/ or /ˌkɔːriˈændər/)
Vitamins, minerals, amplified potency … Coriander has it all. Rediscover the time-honoured powers of coriander oil and explore its unique impact on your hair. 

Grown by farmers we selected, coriander gives us the seeds from which coriander oil is directly obtained. 100% biodegradable and renewable, it is also remarkably rich in nourishing lipids (omega 6). 

As our studies have shown, coriander oil improves the surface quality and strength of your sensitive hair.

A bit of history

Did you know that the love for coriander dates as far back as 5,000 BC? Traces of the herb were found in tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, as well as in Israel.

Ancient Romans already benefited from the seed’s refreshing scent, and the Greek “father of medicine”, Hippocrates, even praised its many health benefits.

Here come the seeds

You know coriander well —this annual herb with slender stems, bright green leaves and white flowers. And hidden in its plump and brown seed, our botanists have found its secret: a hollow cavity filled with essential oils. Crush the coriander seeds and they’ll reveal their nutty, spicy, warm, and orange-flavoured nature, with an incomparably fragrant scent.

In coriander we trust

Coriander’s large amounts of chlorophyll make it one of the most potent ingredients for an effective detox, filtering out toxins and helping cleanse your body from the cell up. Not only good for your hair, coriander also acts as a calming herb and helps reduce anxiety and stress, improving sleep quality.

Spice up your hair!

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