Safflower, a sweet orange flower whose oil is particularly rich in lipids. We were inspired by Ancient Egyptians, who prized safflower oil as a nourishing ointment.

We infused this precious biodegradable and renewable oil in opulent, creamy textures. Drench every hair fiber for deep nutrition and moisture, and let the exquisite oriental scent charm your senses.
Even dry hair can find its better nature.



Safflower oil is one of our Nature’s most generous gifts: biodegradable and 100% renewable.

When the fleshiest part of the flower is pressed, it loses the plant’s distinct flavour and colour. But our chemists have discovered that the oil obtained is remarkably rich in vitamin E and omegas 6 and 9, in addition to being high in healthy fibre.

Here come the seeds

Native to an arid environment with seasonal rain, safflower grows a deep root. You may have already seen this thistle-like plant, with its sharp point leaves and its beautiful flowers that can be yellow, orange, or red … Each branch generously contains 15 to 20 seeds per head.

A bit of history

Did you know that safflower is one of the oldest crops known to man?

The ancient Egyptians used safflower to produce some of the dyes and garlands that have been found in pharaohs’ tombs. Today, the plant is grown all over the globe — Kazakhstan, Argentina, India, Mexico, the United States…
safflower trust

In safflower we trust

Safflower is a versatile plant: From colouring to flavouring in food or even medicinal purposes, botanists are always amazed by its many uses.

And because nature is good for everyone, the strong nourishing power of its seeds and oil also helps protect hair from drying out during a harsh winter. Say yes to safflower!

Spice up your hair!

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