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My Zen house: my home, my sanctuary

Do you remember when your mother would make you clean your bedroom? Mine would always tell me that the state of one’s bedroom reflected the state of one’s mind.

Years later, I realised that she was right —but also that there was more to it: Because the art of arranging and decorating your house is not just for magazines. It can also be a key to your well-being! Time to adapt the famous saying: a sound mind in a sound house!

And there are plenty of “little tricks” to achieve this, resulting from years of knowledge and experience —starting with a good spring cleaning. De-clutter everything and throw away useless items.

Next, move on to simple, yet effective tasks, like moving your furniture around. Time-honored rules have shown that the way you orient bed in the room has a direct influence on the quality of your sleep.

To really Zen-up your house, surround yourself with soft and comforting colors and materials. Dim lights and candles are the way to go —and then it’s just a matter of adding a couple of decorative objects, like comfortable cushions.

Harmonise the energy in your house and find a balance that really suits you. Within a few days these small changes will bring purity to your house, transforming your home into your sanctuary: the first step toward a more Zen life.






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