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5 gorgeous gardening tools

Gardening is fun … but it’s actually a very serious activity that demands real knowledge of plants and requires having the right equipment.

All gardeners have their secrets, and I’ll let you in on mine: Here are my five gorgeous gardening tools.

First things first: You need to protect your hands. If you’re going to have a beautiful garden, dirt and thorns are to be expected! So you need to choose the right gardening gloves for planting and weeding. Leather or fabric, pick a resistant pair that will give you the necessary protection.

Gardening is considered a very good physical activity. And as with all sports, it’s important to make sure not to hurt your back.

That’s why I use an adorable canvas wheelbarrow, very light and maneuverable. And it’s foldable, so you can store it virtually anywhere.

If a bad workman blames his tools, a good gardener must select his tools wisely! Each task requires adapted gear, so I advise you to choose pruning shears that you can get a good grip of, mine are just a perfect fit. As for the tall shrubs, there’s nothing like telescopic shears. Give them a try, they’ll bring your gardening life to new heights!

Last but not least, let me tell you about my mini tool kit: It’s got two mini shovels and a mini planter — everything I need for digging, planting, or weeding. It’s practical, it’s light, and it’s exactly what I need to take care of my flower beds and my vegetable garden.

With the right tools, gardening becomes a piece of (carrot) cake!





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