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Sound therapy: a healing symphony 

It’s well known that “music soothes the soul” — but did you know that it can also heal your entire self? All over the world, our ancestors were quite familiar with this very simple idea: Music can help you find balance, in every sense of the term, and treat both body and mind.

Picture this: You’re in the middle of a relaxation session. Then comes the sound therapy per se: a melodious voice first, followed by the rhythmic groove of the percussion, and finally the marvelous music of the Himalayan singing bowl.

Has there ever been a softer, warmer, and more delicate sound, wrapping you up in its vibrations?

Music penetrates our entire body and our minds —its imperceptible vibrations acting as countless caresses, enhancing our well-being. Listening to percussive instruments like gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks reduces stress and will place you in a meditative state.

And don’t worry: If you don’t happen to have any of the instruments handy, there are plenty of sound healing videos on the internet…!

Completely relaxed, you close your eyes and you can already begin to feel the soothing powers of music.

But the benefits of sound therapy go far beyond that, allowing us to reconnect with our inner self, while the frequencies of music directly impact our inner ear and gently recenter our inner balance.

Wait, there’s more!

Sound therapy can help put an end to sleep disorders, and relieve anxiety and stress —not to mention daily pains, like headaches and backaches.

The gift that keeps on giving, music heals your body and mind in a soothing symphony.








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