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Escape in the city… hit a nature trail right in the urban jungle

It’s the dead of winter. The sun is shining bright outside, on this cold, cold day … It’s lunchtime so you decide to go for a walk, wrapping yourself up in your pom-pom hat, scarf, and white wool-and-cashmere gloves.

You live in the heart of the city, between two buildings, and you dream of escaping into nature, if only for a few moments. You walk briskly, invigorated by the cold on your cheeks, and turn right at the first street. You cross the road and arrive at a park where your journey awaits, through the many species of trees.

The sun is shining through the branches of the bare trees, and despite the brisk temperature, you can feel its rays warming you up. Basking in this magnificent light, you start paying attention to the nature that surrounds you. Everything else seems to disappear: No more buildings around, no more people on the benches or in the alleys — you are on your own, with the trees and the sun.

The sound of your own breathing is the only thing you hear in the soothing silence of what you imagine is a calm and welcoming forest. This time in the park is your way of recharging your batteries, of re-centering yourself. This direct connection to the ground you walk on, to the peaceful, yet vibrant nature that surrounds you, it’s a direct connection to you.

Rejuvenated, you’re ready to reconnect to the world and resume the course of your day in full swing.


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