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Cuddle therapy: the touch of love

Come to think of it, we’re all familiar with cuddle therapy —be it the warm embrace of one’s relative, holding your teddy bear, nestling in the arms of our significant other, hugging friends ... It’s something that we do naturally, that we need. It’s one of the best ways to find solace, to get over hard times, to find that extra boost.

The effects of touch therapy need no longer be proven. Just think of the feeling of well-being that follows a massage! Cuddling garners closeness, shows affection, and increases happiness. by releasing a hormone which reduces stress and anxiety.

Amma knows the power of cuddle therapy. She is an Indian woman whose name means “mother” in Hindi and for years she has travelled the world, taking thousands of people into her arms, bringing them comfort and compassion as part of her “religion of love.”

And surely, you’ve met someone offering “free hugs” in the street? We can all give a little more attention and kindness to one another. Because at any time of the day, a hug can only feel good. But are we ready for it? Everyone needs comfort, a moment of affection, of physical contact when positive energy passes through your body and soul, providing both instantaneous and long-lasting well-being. And in case you’ve “hugged out” everyone around, there are even Cuddle Therapy services, where a professional cuddler will give you a big hug.

Open your arms, and embrace this therapy unlike any other!




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