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Sofia, 38 years old, teacher

My change of life, from a big city to the country.

What started it? I’ve always lived in big cities and I’ve always enjoyed it. The many cultural activities at hand, the bustling world, the rhythmic life. But when I became a mother, I quickly realized certain things: that my kids didn’t have enough space to play, that my balcony was getting too small to welcome all the flowers that I loved ... There was a lack of nature, a lack of oxygen.
And one day, I saw that this little town was looking for a teacher for the beginning of the following year. So I just went for it.

What are you doing today? Today we have a big house, surrounded by a garden so big that we’ve talked about getting two or three sheep to take care of the lawn. I love being a teacher here just as much as I did before. My family’s life has changed entirely: My kids are almost never sick now and we’ve re-discovered the joys of living in nature, of being surrounded by trees and plants.

Any advice? When you’ve always lived in a city, it’s not easy to take the plunge and go live in the country. We agreed that we would do a one year trial and if it didn’t work out, we would go back to the city. Today, we wonder how we managed to live for so long in the middle of concrete and pollution. Our quality of life is so much better here and it only takes a half-hour car ride to get to the city and enjoy all the cultural activities it offers. For me, life in the country has been incredibly fulfilling.

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