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ChARLIE, 28 years old, veterinarian

My change of life, from being a veterinarian in my home country to a veterinarian in Australia. 

What started it? I’ve always had two passions in life: animals and traveling. I took care of one of them by becoming a veterinarian —but my dream of discovering the world stayed there, in the back of my mind. Then I went to Australia for a month, in an animal reserve, and they offered to hire me. I had to go back to France and organize my big adventure, filling out all the necessary papers, handing in my resignation to the veterinary school I was working at. Six months later, I was able to return to Australia and settle there.

What are you doing today? Today I work full time in the reserve, taking care of the animals. An English colleague and I manage a team of veterinarians and we train the newcomers together. We also participate actively in an endangered species prevention program. To me it’s the best of both worlds, the bridge between my two passions.

Any advice? Leaving everything behind isn’t necessarily that hard if you have a solid project. Things will work themselves out. But you have to be organised: first the administrative papers, then taking care of how to get to your new county, getting started with work, etc.

It’s all worth it if you want to achieve your dreams —even if it’s thousands of kilometers away.

Who knows, I may one day return to my home country, but this is a unique experience. I’m learning so many things that I never would have learned otherwise.

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