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Isabella, 26 years old, student

* Question: If you were a scent … If I were a scent, I would be the smell of rose. A scent so special and sweet that it seems to bring a different new pleasure every time.

* Question 2: If you were an ingredient … If I were an ingredient I would be a pepper with a taste that is volcanic but could also be discreet. It gives energy everywhere it lands.

* Question 3: If you were a plant … If I were a plant I would be a cactus surrounded with an armor of thorns. To know me is not easy, but if you are careful you will discover my true beauty and all the treasures I hold inside.

* Question 4: If you were a sound … If I were a sound I would be the music of a crystal, so pure and delicate that it seems to touch us all right in the heart and bring us the power of Zen.

* Question 5: If you were a destination … If I were a destination I would be the summit of Mount Everest. From the top of the world I would contemplate life and see all the horizons that life offers me.

* Question 6: If you were a memory … If I were a memory I would be my grandma. She would let us play all day, tell us stories by the fire, and make us delicious tarts with fruit from the garden. This is the memory of happiness from my childhood.

* Question 7: If you were a dream … If I were a dream I would be a bird, free and happy. All day I would sing and fly from tree to tree in total carelessness.

* Question 8: If you were a New Year’s resolution … If I were a New Year’s Resolution I would be a sports car. Though it is fast, it is the secret to a balanced life, with pleasure and well-being from the source.

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