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ViCtoria, 39 years old, press agent

* Question 1: If you were a scent … I would be the smell of a bouquet picked at random, during a walk in the countryside. A mixture of fragrant flowers and some more subtle scents … Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in nature’s bouquet.

* Question 2: If you were an ingredient … I would be coriander, coming to the rescue to spice up your dish. Now that’s a treat for your taste buds — and it’s healthy, too. Delicious, purifying and detoxing — I can’t get enough.

* Question 3: If you were a plant … Probably camelina. It’s such a modest, unassuming plant — it was actually mistaken for a weed for a long time — but it’s got hidden powers. It’s good for your skin, it’s good for your hair, and guess what? It can also be used to produce biofuel …

* Question: If you were a material … I would be wood. Beautiful, useful, reassuring and protective, unvarnished or finished, outdoors or indoors … You can’t go wrong with wood.

* Question: If you were a fruit … I would be a cherry. It’s so sweet and full of vitamins — always a treat. And remember when you were a little girl, you’d wear two cherries as earrings? So technically that would even qualify as jewelry, right?

* Question 4: If you were a sound … I would be a breeze in the trees. Gently blowing through the leaves, in constant touch with Mother Nature.

* Question 5: If you were a destination … I would be the moon. Might as well aim high!

* Question 6: If you were a memory … I would be my great-grandmother’s garden, filled with fruits and vegetables, and the huge linden tree there that was my confidant for such a long time. It was the perfect garden for playing hide-and-seek behind a big zucchini. Hey, I was a kid, I thought no one could see me ...

* Question 7: If you were a dream … Peace, obviously. Peace for everyone, everywhere.

* Question 8: If you were a New Year’s resolution … A membership to the swimming pool. So I could go twice a week to raise and lower my heart rate. “A sound mind in a sound body,” right?

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