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Marie, 31 years old, Social media manager

* Question 1: If you were a scent … If I were a scent I would be the scent of my mother — lavender. I used to smell it every night when she would come to tuck me into bed. Her skin was as soft as it was sweet to smell.

* Question 2: If you were an ingredient … If I were an ingredient I would be basil because I love its taste raw as well as cooked. It has a way of infusing life into any food it touches.

* Question 3: If you were a plant … If I were a plant I would be the botanical narcissus, with its vibrant shade of yellow, coming back every spring to light up the gardens of my neighborhood.

* Question 4: If you were a sound … If I were a sound I would be a note of double bass, soft and warm, the first that we hear at the beginning of a solo concert, the one that takes us into a felted and beautiful universe.

* Question 5: If you were a destination … If I were a destination I would be my childhood home where all that existed were games and laughter, love and sharing. This place doesn’t exist anymore but will always be in my heart.

* Question 6: If you were a memory … If I were a memory, I would be the Christmas Eve when I almost saw Santa Claus. He was in the living room placing presents around the tree. I heard him from right behind the door. My parents had encouraged me to go see him, but I confess, I was scared. Anyway, that was the night that I had proof he does indeed exist!

* Question 7: If you were a dream … If I were dream I would be one of those marvelous scenes where you laugh and sing all at once. After these kinds of dreams, you are even happy after you wake up.

* Question 8: If you were a New Year’s resolution … If I were a New Year’s Resolution I would always choose to see more people that I love — my family, my friends.

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