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Anna, 29 yearS OLD, psychologist

* Question: If you were a scent … If I were a scent I would be the smell of freshly mown grass, which brings me back to the air of my childhood summers.

* Question 2: If you were an ingredient … If I were an ingredient I would be cocoa, which is known for giving back to Mother Nature at the same time that it feeds the rest of us. I could be used for both main courses and desserts, salty and sweet.

* Question 3: If you were a plant … If I were a plant I would be an ivy climber. Loving freedom, I would go as far as my long, leafy branches would take me.

* Question 4: If you were a sound … If I were a sound, I would be a bird singing early in the morning, that sweet melody of joy.

* Question 5: If you were a destination … If I were a destination I would be a cottony cloud traveling slowly, pushed by the breeze, taking me to discover the world.

* Question 6: If you were a memory … If I were a memory, I would be my wedding trip on that Mediterranean island bathed in sunlight, between the sea and hillside, and surrounded by a perfectly blue sky that seemed to cover just the two of us.

* Question 7: If you were a dream … If I were a dream I would be brotherhood — brotherhood in a family, brotherhood between friends, brotherhood between neighbors and brotherhood across the entire world. Thanks to me the world would only be kind and benevolent and war would no longer exist.

* Question 8: If you were a New Year’s resolution … If I were a New Year’s Resolution, it would be to always take care of myself with small daily gestures of well-being and with weekly care to make me always feel more beautiful and better in body, and in mind.

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