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Lily, 25 years old, NursinG student

* Question: If you were a scent … If I were a scent, I would be the smell of my teddy bear from when I was little. He had this sweet scent and I loved to fall asleep with my nose buried in his cozy and fragrant neck.

* Question 2: If you were an ingredient … If I were an ingredient I would be an orange, a great source of vitamins and deliciously sweet I am also a perfect side to salty dishes, adding a subtle little touch that transforms everything.

* Question 3: If you were a plant … If I were a plant I would be a ficus, beautifying the inside of a house with its abundant foliage, and even better, actually cleaning the air inside.

* Question 4: If you were a sound … If I were a sound I would be the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. At the same time powerful and magnificent, it’s such a comforting force that has the ability to make one happy ...

* Question 5: If you were a destination … If I were a destination I would be a faraway country where the animals live freely, nature is preserved and the sky is pure without any pollution.

* Question 6: If you were a memory … If I were a memory I would be my vacation last year. We went for long walks in the forest, protected from the heat under the shade of the tall trees and only the birds could share the silence.

* Question 7: If you were a dream … If I were a dream I would be eternally young and in good health, vivacious for all my 20 years, free and with life right in front of me.

* Question 8: If you were a New Year’s resolution … If I were a New Year’s Resolution I would end New Year’s Resolutions. I would replace them with immediate actions. Rather than saying this year I will do something, I will put it into action right now.

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